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Typical architectures – Small contact center

Server specification for a small contact center. Note that hardware requisites depend on the size of the customer contact center.

A small contact center is a contact center with the following characteristics:

Inbound campaigns30
Outbound campaigns working in power dial0
Outbound campaigns working in predictive dial0
Maximum number of assignments for human agents15
Outbound agents0
Inbound agents80
Inbound IVR ports40
Applications• Altitude uCI Server
• MS SQL Server
• Management Portal Server
• License Manager
• Automated Agents
• Communication Server
• Altitude Recorder Server


  1. For Altitude uCI Server, if you anticipate a large volume of emails with attachments (e.g. fax images), add extra SATA hard-disks for document storage.
  2. Microsoft SQL Server must be configured to limit memory usage to 10 GB.
  3. For Altitude Recorder server, add extra SATA hard-disks for storage of voice recordings. Compute the capacity you need using the rules in the section Altitude Recorder.

System Requirements

The configuration of the server of Altitude uCI Server is the following:

CPUE5-2430v2 or VMware virtual machine with 6 vCPUs @ 2,5 GHz
Logs and tracesAt least 50GB, 100 IOPS
Disk IOPS200 for DB server
50 IOPS for logs and traces
100 IOPS for recording files

Note: The server of Altitude uCI Server must be server-class hardware.