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Firmware update R8

Download nieuwe firmware van MyPortal

Pak het zip-bestand uit

Kopieer de nieuwe firmware via een SFTP tool naar de switch in de map working.

Herstart de switch vanuit de working directory

OS2260-> reload from working no rollback-timeout 

Controleer de nieuwe firmware

-> show system
  Description:  Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise OS2260-P10 5.1.80.R01 GA, July 11, 2021.,
  Object ID:,
  Up Time:      0 days 0 hours 7 minutes and 0 seconds,
  Contact:      Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise, https://www.al-enterprise.com,
  Name:         OS2260,
  Location:     Unknown,
  Services:     78,
  Date & Time:  THU JAN 01 1970 00:15:23 (UTC)
Flash Space:
    Primary CMM:
      Available (bytes):  327847936,
      Comments         :  None

Certify de nieuwe firmware

-> copy running certified flash-synchro

Thu Jan  1 00:17:19 : flashManager Main INFO message:
+++ Verifying image directory working on CMM flash
Please wait...

Thu Jan  1 00:17:43 : flashManager Main INFO message:
+++ Image file Aros.img differs - copying file

Thu Jan  1 00:18:25 : ChassisSupervisor MipMgr INFO message:
+++ Copy running to certified succeeded